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EvilByDesign.info – what more do we need to say? Information about persuasive techniques that benefit companies more than their customers.

This site is a summary of the Evil By Design book.

If you know about the techniques you can see when someone tries them on you. If you are a designer you can use the design patterns either for good or evil. It’s up to you.

…the book

You should buy it. No, really. It’s an entertaining read, regardless of whether you ever plan on designing sites or products to use the techniques. It explains the psychological principles behind 57 evil design patterns, using examples from all over the Web. Full color on every page. Less than 50 cents per pattern!

Not convinced? Read more about the book.

…the author

Chris Nodder is an independent UX consultant who also publishes techniques for agile UX teams on the Questionable Methods site. He previously was a Director at Nielsen Norman Group and a Senior User Researcher at Microsoft. He has a background in psychology and Human-Computer Interaction.

Chris is also an engaging presenter. It’s now possible to book him to speak at your company or event.

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