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Find out more about the Evil By Design book and associated merchandise.

browse the merchandiseIf you think the logo is cute, how about showing your love by wearing it, or having your dog eat out of a bowl with it on? We could invoke pride (you’re now part of the Evil by Design elite), envy (see all the other cool people wearing it), greed (it’s OK to want it), or lust (it’s just soooo sexy) but instead, we’ve made it ultra simple. Just browse the merchandise here and it will be shipped to you pronto. How’s that for enabling sloth?

  • Women’s sizes
  • Pet products
  • Mugs
  • Even baby clothes!
  Evil by Design Mousepad  Sigg water bottle with Evil by Design logoEvil by Design womens' t-shirt  Know an evil toddler? Onesies available too!  Evil by Design white t-shirt  Long sleeved Evil by Design t-shirts for those colder days  Evil by Design Mouse logo journal/notebook