Nice write-up of Evil By Design sxsw talk on

The user experience expert from Seattle was ready to reveal the ways companies use “evil” tactics to entice their customers. Of course, he didn’’t mean truly being evil, just understanding more about the little tricks that companies pull when designing their products – and the human psychology triggers that make those tricks work. Read the… Continue reading Nice write-up of Evil By Design sxsw talk on

Coercive versus Persuasive design – not the right differentiator.

Recently, in an attempt to differentiate between “good” and “bad” uses of persuasive design techniques, the term “coercive design” is creeping into the vocabulary. But, is coercive design really a different beast, or is it just persuasive design used for bad purposes?

Social data: Linking your toothbrush to your dental insurance

Frederic Paul at ReadWriteWeb discusses the issues that can occur when companies start mining your social data. Phillips have an internet-connected toothbrush that knows how much you brush your teeth. What if your dentist had access to this information? What if your insurance company had access and denied a claim for a filling because you didn’t brush enough?

My favorite quote (by Beth Comstock, CMO of GE):

“If you’re in business, you need social because it will get you closer to your customer… Feedback – that’s a marketers dream.”

New ‘Social’ Businesses Want To Know All About You. No Thanks!